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"Headbones connect to the headphones, headphones connect to the iphone, iphone connects to the internet, connects to google connects to the government..." -- M.I.A

SynPhonia on phone

Try SynPhonia from computer or cellular at http://j.mp/synpho.
You can also install it with your own samples.

From my Soundcloud favs

A mighty kewl M.I.A. mix (everyboy's doing them Eh? ;) )

HARD LA / M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Propellant Remix) by propellant

If the future of feline robotkind is important to you, send a track to the little ones.

Sing along with robot cats

We're cute, we're fun loving, but no. We won't forget:

Flotilla Check: Facts and Israeli Lies

IHH report (PDF) about the flotilla, the attack, and treatment of the survivors. Don't settle for lies and half truths.

The lies, the proof and the retractions: Internet killed the hasbara star

The latest lie: blockade "eased"

As more footage emerges, IDF's "self defense" is exposed as a brutal attack, but Israeli sadism didn't end at sea:

Gush Shalom: "A crime against Israel" (not a typo)

Alice Walker: "You will have no protection"

Godwin lawbreaker:
Too bad we couldn't get a clear shot of any faces
Illustration: Israeli warriors tried to reason with #flotilla mob, but it got ugly

Mark Steel: "Of course, they were asking for it"

Oliver Hardy: "Now Look What You Made Me Do!"

Flotilla survivors describe 'bloodbath'

Testimonial from Mavi Marmara part 1 part 2

You can browse survivor testimonials or search below

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